Is Hernia Treatment Possible?

Is Hernia Treatment Possible?

Is Hernia Treatment Possible?

January 5, 2020


Okan Keleş

Although the degrees and levels of disc herniations are important, many can be treated with manual therapy and osteopathy. However, the nature of the treatment is related to whether there is a tear in the disc. Non-tear disc herniations are small bulges and can be completely treated. In the case of a tear, the size of the tear is important because the torn area does not disappear as if no problem occurred, but the bulged part of the disc can be directed back to its normal position and reduced in size so that it does not cause complaints. In all these cases, one of the most important approaches for permanent treatment is to evaluate and correct or modify the postural habits, ergonomic problems, incorrect uses, or physical characteristics that cause these disc herniations. The success of hernia treatment is related not only to working with an experienced physiotherapist but also to the patient's own efforts. Disc herniations shrink quickly in patients who make the necessary modifications in their daily life and follow their exercise program. In fact, the biggest problem in our country is the assumption that arm or leg pain and local lower back-neck pain are solely due to disc herniations (especially if the patient has an accompanying disc herniation). However, many disc herniations do not cause symptoms at the early stages and do not cause local pain. Most lower back-neck pains are myofascial and facet joint pains. In future posts, we will discuss facet joint pain and myofascial pain, which are very common, in detail...


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