Osteopathic Overview

Osteopathic Overview

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment approach. In treatment, the body is evaluated as a whole. It has an integrative approach towards muscles, joints, and the spine. In osteopathy, the focus is not only on the area where the patient feels pain. It operates within a manual treatment approach aimed at balancing all systems of the body. Any restriction in the fascial tissue that surrounds our entire body can cause pain and movement restriction far away from the problem area due to tissue pulling. If the location of the fascial restriction in the problematic area is not identified and treated, it is not possible to permanently heal the painful area of the patient. For instance, trauma to the lower part of the spine can lead to persistent headaches due to tissue pulling after a while, or a dysfunction in the liver can cause neck or shoulder pain. In the classical treatment approach, efforts are made to treat the spine and shoulder. While this treatment approach is sometimes effective, it sometimes is not. In the osteopathic approach, efforts are made to eliminate limitations and dysfunctions in the liver and spine. Osteopathic treatment is an approach that seeks to treat the causes rather than the symptoms.


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