What is Manual Therapy?

What is Manual Therapy

Manual therapy means treatment with hands. It involves the physiotherapist restoring the normal anatomical position of dislocations, subluxations, and all displacements within physiological limits in the spine and joints through specific exercises and maneuvers. The interventions performed by the physiotherapist on the spine and peripheral joints are called manipulations. Manual therapy is frequently used to treat musculoskeletal system problems related to muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissue. Manual therapy, which has been applied for over a century for the treatment of pain and functional disorders in the spine and extremity joints, includes methods such as manipulation, mobilization, special stretching techniques, post-isometric relaxation techniques, and clinical taping techniques. The aim of Manual Therapy is to increase restricted movement, called blockage, in joints to the highest degree without pain within postural balance, thereby ensuring function and maintaining body mechanics. For the effective and safe application of Manual Therapy, the locomotor system must be thoroughly evaluated anatomically, biomechanically, and neurophysiologically. Manual Therapy techniques should be performed by specially trained physiotherapists who can select indications and contraindications.

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