Why Manual Therapy?

Why Manual Therapy?

Today, for a condition that can be resolved with a very simple manual therapy technique, many tests and treatments are applied to patients, and the cost is borne by the state and the patients. With manual therapy, the cause of the ailment is evaluated and determined anatomically, biomechanically, and neurophysiologically by the physiotherapist, and then the source of the problem is directly addressed. Therefore, it shows its effect in a very short time and resolves the problem. The most important feature of manual therapy in this sense is that it provides effective treatment in a short time. After the symptoms are relieved, the physiotherapist supports the patient with special exercise programs. The history of manual therapy dates back to Hippocrates. Despite the advancement of technology, manual therapy has maintained its validity and strengthened its scientific foundation. Many academies and institutes have been established in the field of manual therapy worldwide. These institutions provide post-professional training, especially to physiotherapists. Additionally, for about 15 years, scientific studies in this field have been published in the following journals in the PubMed index. *The Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy, Manual Therapy, *The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics


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